A*STAR Outstanding Publications Award
2009, 2010, 2012, 2013, 2014, 2016 and 2017
A*STAR Patent Power Award
2009, 2010 and 2017
Singapore HEALTH Award
(Platinum) 2012, (Gold) 2008 and 2010
BCA Green Mark Award
2013 (Gold) and 2017 (Gold and Goldplus)


Industry Capital

IBN has successfully licensed over 131 patents/ patent applications, and established 12 spin-off companies. For more information, please contact Dr Benjamin Tai at btai@ibn.a-star.edu.sg or +65 6824 7223.

IBN’s Footprint in the Market

Curiox Biosystems licensed IBN’s miniaturized DropArray which enables faster drug screening in 2008, becoming the Insitute’s first spin-off company. In 2010, the company was named BioSpectrum Asia’s “Emerging Company of the Year in Asia Pacific”, won the “Asia Pacific Frost & Sullivan Technology Innovation Award for Bioassays for In Vitro Diagnosis”, and the “Emerging Laboratory Automation Technology Innovation AveNEW Award”. The IBN founders of Curiox also received the “A*STAR Scientist-Entrepreneur Award” in 2010.

SG Molecular Diagnostics (now SG Microlab Devices) licensed IBN’s MicroKit in 2009 to develop devices for rapid and accurate detection of infectious diseases. The MicroKit won the Silver Prize at the 2011 Asian Innovations Awards organized by The Wall Street Journal Asia. In November 2012, the company rolled out the first product under the MicroKit platform, Lysonator™, an automated laboratory tool for tissue dissociation.

Tokyo Chemical Industry, a leading worldwide manufacturer of specialty organic chemicals, signed a license agreement in 2008 to market IBN’s new SingaCycle catalyst family. Unlike other catalysts, IBN’s highly effective and versatile N-heterocyclic carbene palladacycle catalysts are extremely stable at ambient conditions and can be stored on the benchtop without decomposition.

HistoIndex is revolutionizing liver fibrosis diagnosis through IBN’s patented imaging technology. Established in 2010, HistoIndex was named BioSpectrum Asia’s “2012 Asia Pacific’s Emerging Company of the Year”, and was the Asia and ASEAN winner of the “2012 IBM Global Entrepreneur SmartCamp”. The company also won National Instruments’ “2012 Best Innovation in Biomedical & Pharmaceutical Applications” and the “2013 Red Herring Top 100 Asia Award”. The IBN founders of HistoIndex received the “2013 A*STAR Scientist-Entrepreneur Award”.

In 2010, Taiwan-based Bio-Byblos Biomedical licensed IBN’s 3D Cellulosic Scaffold for manufacturing. Using hydroxypropyl cellulose, IBN scientists have fabricated a biocompatible porous scaffold that enables liver cells to spontaneously assemble into 3D liver spheroids. These spheroids strongly resemble liver tissue and may be used for drug testing. The scaffold can also be used for tissue engineering and other stem cell applications.

IBN’s microsieve technology to detect circulating tumor cells in patient’s blood was licensed to CellSievo in August 2011. This device allows doctors to monitor the spread of cancer to other organs in the body with minimal discomfort to the patient. CellSievo has received a SGD250,000 grant from SPRING Singapore’s Technology Enterprise Commercialization Scheme to develop the device prototype.

Baldr Biosystems was set-up in August 2012 to commercialize IBN’s Virtual Reaction Chamber. The portable system provides laboratory-quality testing coupled with a novel low-powered thermal management system. Working with a US Health Foundation, the company plans to bring the system to developing countries such as Africa and India to facilitate HIV and tuberculosis testing at decentralized centers.

InvitroCue was established in December 2012 to commercialize IBN’s bioactive surface/membrane and digital pathology software. The first platform technology allows high-throughput 3D cell culture that facilitates in vitro toxicity testing, while the second platform technology provides a unique computer/image-based solution for classifying liver fibrosis that may also be adapted for other diseases.

Singapore’s homegrown beauty establishment Institute Estetica De Beaute Pte Ltd exclusively licensed IBN’s nanoemulsion technology in April 2013 to launch a new line of skincare products, which allows active ingredients to better penetrate through the skin using nanoemulsion.

Wet Alert Pte Ltd
Wet Alert was established in February 2015 to commercialize IBN’s sensor technology and system for diaper wetness monitoring. This system involves low-cost disposable sensors embedded in diapers and a wireless network that will alert caregivers of nursing home residents when it is time for a diaper change via a user-preferred interface, such as SMS.



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IBN Seminar Series: Conformational Communication: Design and Synthesis of Membrane-Bound Receptor Mimics by Prof. Jonathan Clayden, University of Bristol, UK

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