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Green Chemistry and Energy

Green Chemistry and Energy, which encompass the development of catalysts and nanocomposites for the green synthesis of chemicals and pharmaceuticals, biomass and carbon dioxide conversion, water purification, and energy applications.

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Research Projects

1. Catalytic Systems for Green Synthesis, Carbon Dioxide Utilization and Renewable Energy

Jinquan Wang, Yuan Yuan, Yugen Zhang and Jackie Y. Ying

IBN is investigating the use of green and environmentally friendly technologies for organic synthesis. We are creating highly efficient and selective catalysts such as nano-structured metal oxide catalysts and metal-free polymer catalysts, for the dehydration of biomass into chemicals, fuels and materials. We are also working on converting harmful greenhouse gases into useful chemicals or fuels, for example, the conversion of carbon dioxide to carbonates with organocatalysts. In addition, we are working on the production of hydrogen from water using photocatalysis and photo-electrochemical approaches.

2. Nanomaterials for Battery and Energy Applications

Jinhua Yang, Yue Yu, Xun Yuan, Ayman Amin Abdelhamid Amin, Jian Liang Cheong, Jinquan Wang, Siti Nurhanna Riduan, Alex Eng, Su Seong Lee, Yugen Zhang and Jackie Y. Ying

Nanomaterials have attracted significant attention for energy applications in recent years due to their excellent properties. Our research is focused on the design and synthesis of a variety of nanostructures, including nanoclusters with customized sizes, nanosheets, nanocrystals with tailored morphologies, and mesostructured materials, nanocomposite systems, porous organic polymers and metal organic frameworks. These novel materials are promising for use in stable, efficient, high-capacity battery and supercapacitor applications.

3. Phase-Selective Organogelators for Oil Spill Treatment

Changliang Ren and Huaqiang Zeng

Marine oil spills can cause devastating and lasting damage to the environment and ecosystem, and are difficult to clean up using currently available oil-control techniques. We are developing cost-effective organogelators that can phase-selectively congeal oil from oily water, and allow easy separation of the gelled oil from water. It is made up of small organic molecules that can instantly self-assemble into nanofibers to form a 3D net that traps the oil molecules into clumps that can be skimmed off the water surface. This is a novel solution to clean up polluted water caused by oil spills.

4. Water Channel-Based Biomimetic Membranes for Water Desalination

Jie Shen, Feng Chen, Changliang Ren, Arundhati Roy and Huaqiang Zeng

Commercial use of water-transporting aquaporins has been explored for wastewater reclamation and re-use as well as seawater desalination. However, significant challenges associated with manipulating channel proteins in terms of complexity, stability, scalability and activity reconstitution still remain. An alternative strategy is to design small molecule-based synthetic water channels that can mimic aquaporins in functionality for various water purification applications. Towards this goal, we are developing synthetic water channel-based membranes to desalinate seawater with higher salt rejection rates at much lower pressures than the current seawater reverse osmosis technology. These novel biomimetic membranes could form the basis for the next generation of water purification technology with less energy consumption and better performance. In addition, the low production cost of the membranes makes it attractive for other potential applications, such as pharmaceutical separations, artificial skin and kidney.

Research Publications

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Graphene Oxide-Templated Synthesis of Ternary Oxide Nanosheets for High Performance Li-ion Battery Anodes
Nano Energy, 44 (2018) 399-410.
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Hexaazatrinaphthylene-Based Porous Organic Polymers as Organic Cathode Materials for Lithium Ion Battery
ACS Sustainable Chemistry and Engineering, (2017)
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Highly Efficient Gas Phase Oxidation of Renewable Furfural to Maleic Anhydride over Plate VPO Catalyst
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