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The Ultimate List of 15 Asian Scientists to Watch

Asian Scientist Magazine, 15 May 2011

Asian Scientist Magazine has compiled the ultimate list of 15 Asian scientists to watch.

While we weren’t sure we could pull it off initially, we have traversed the far-flung corners of science, medicine, engineering and technology to come up with this list, which includes an astronaut, a nuclear physicist and an Eastern medicine expert.

This list is not in any order of importance, as there is no objective way to do this, neither is it all-inclusive. It represents the movers and shakers of Asia who are notable in their respective fields – some of them whose talent and promise are unmistakable, and others who are already widely known and respected.

With this ultimate list, it is our wish is that science & technology in Asia develop its own following, and that these 15 will take their respective fields to the next level.

#14: Jackie Ying, Nanotechnology Scientist

Dr. Ying is best known for establishing new frontiers on nanotechnology research, which has directly lead to another recognition – being the youngest faculty to be promoted to the rank of full professor at MIT.

Dr. Ying received her PhD in chemical engineering from Princeton University in 1991 and was an NSF-NATO Postdoctoral Fellow and Alexander von Humboldt Research Fellow in Germany.

She is currently the executive director of the Institute of Bioengineering and Nanotechnology in Singapore, which conducts cutting-edge medical research at the nano scale. Her awards include being recognized as one of “One Hundred Engineers of the Modern Era” by the American Institute of Chemical Engineers (AIChE) in 2008.

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Journal of Materials Chemistry B, (2015)
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NEW! The Multi-Facets of Sustainable Nanotechnology – Lessons from a Nanosafety Symposium
Nanotoxicology, (2015)
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Efficient Synthesis of Amides and Esters from Alcohols under Aerobic Ambient Conditions Catalyzed by a Au/Mesoporous Al2O3 Nanocatalyst
ChemSusChem, (2015)
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