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09 Aug 2017

Building Ties in Pharma Industry 'Just Like Courtship'

The Straits Times

12 Jul 2017

Treating Fungal Cornea Infection with Synthetic Molecules


12 Jul 2017

A New Twist to Treating Fungal Cornea Infection

A*STAR Research

07 Jul 2017

Simpler, Faster Way to Make Batteries

The Straits Times

03 Jul 2017

Nanosheets Make Batteries Better

Asian Scientist

30 Jun 2017

How the Liver Unclogs Itself

Science Daily

08 Jun 2017

3D Heart Tissue Created for Drug Testing


08 Jun 2017

Researchers Create 3D Heart Tissue from Stem Cells for Drug Testing

News Medical-Net

08 Jun 2017

Human Heart Tissue Grown from Stem Cells Improves Drug Testing

Medical Xpress

31 May 2017

Turning Stem Cells into ‘Canaries’

A*STAR Research

27 Mar 2017

Dr Jackie Ying – An Epitome for Young Scientific Minds


22 Mar 2017

Liver Cells Work Better Under Pressure

A*STAR Research

20 Mar 2017

Youngest Singapore Representative to the ‘Olympics’ of the Science World

Berita Harian

15 Mar 2017

Cutting-Edge Stem Cell Therapy Proves Safe, But Will It Ever Be Effective?


07 Mar 2017

Stem Cells Used for Personalized Liver Drug Screening

Asian Scientist

02 Mar 2017

Stem Cells Make Potential Side Effect Personal

New Atlas

01 Mar 2017

Singapore Researchers Devise Way to Test Potential Drug Side Effects Using Stem Cells


22 Feb 2017

From Trash to Treasure: Industrial Chemicals from Agricultural Waste

A*STAR Research

22 Feb 2017

Using Waste Biomass for the Sustainable Production of Industrial Chemicals


20 Jan 2017

New Test Helps Detect Nose Cancer Earlier

The Straits Times

19 Jan 2017

Jackie Ying Receives Abdeali Tayebali Lifetime Achievement Award

Asian Scientist

15 Jan 2017

Professor Jackie Ying Receives the Abdeali Tayebali Lifetime Achievement Award

Berita Minggu

03 Jan 2017

Adopting a New Software Helps Local Company to Diagnose Cancer Faster and Cheaper

Lianhe Zaobao

Broadcast Media 2017



Media Source

20 Apr 2017

Interview with Prof Jackie Ying: Open Minds Drive Innovations

NHK World

28 Feb 2017

Singapore Researchers Use Patients’ Stem Cells to Test for Side Effects of Drugs

938 LIVE

22 Jan 2017

Age of Innovation - Interview with Prof Jackie Ying

Channel NewsAsia


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NEW! Genetic Alphabet Expansion Biotechnology by Creating Unnatural Base Pairs
Current Opinion in Biotechnology, 51 (2018) 8-15.
(IF: 9.294) article

NEW! Remanence Plots as a Probe of Spin Disorder in Magnetic Nanoparticles
Chemistry of Materials, (2017)
DOI: 10.1021/acs.chemmater.7b02522.
(IF: 9.466) article

NEW! Hyaluronic Acid-Green Tea Catechin Micellar Nanocomplex: Fail-Safe Cisplatin Nanomedicine for the Treatment of Ovarian Cancer Without Off-Target Toxicity
Biomaterials, (2017)
DOI: 10.1016/j.biomaterials.2017.09.027.
(IF: 8.402) article



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