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The last financial year has been an excellent year for IBN. Our Institute continued to make significant contributions to Singapore’s economy by establishing partnerships with key industry players to commercialize our technologies and promote the growth of the local R&D sector.

In January 2016, a landmark research collaboration agreement was signed between A*STAR and the US Environmental Protection Agency to develop new animal-free screening tests for identifying chemicals that could be harmful to humans. IBN’s pioneering predictive kidney and liver toxicity models were two of the three technologies that were selected for this research collaboration.

Our technology portfolio has the potential to disrupt multiple industries and establish Singapore’s prominence in sectors as diverse as medical technology, consumer care, pharmaceuticals, chemicals, biologics, energy, clean technology and food/nutrition. We have 126 active collaborations with industrial, clinical and academic partners around the world, including ARKRAY, Delta Electronics, Hydro-Québec, Pfizer and Procter & Gamble.

In FY2015, IBN was granted 47 patents, and filed 146 patent applications. To date, our inventions have led to 10 spin-off companies and 562 active patent applications, of which 94 have been licensed for commercialization.

We have also helped to raise Singapore’s scientific profile globally through international awards, such as the Mustafa Prize for Top Scientific Achievement Award, 1,172 publications in leading scientific journals and 1,224 invited lectures at international conferences. Premier international conferences organized by IBN, such as the Nano Today Conference, the International Conference on Bioengineering and Nanotechnology and the IBN International Symposium, have also made a strong impact on the international research community.

In addition, we have continued to engage young students actively to nurture the next generation of researchers. Our Youth Research Program (YRP) has reached out to a total of 96,920 students and teachers from 290 schools through career talks, open houses, workshops and research attachments. 2,410 of them have completed research attachments at IBN for a minimum period of four weeks. We are proud of the 79 awards won by our YRP students at local and international science events. I am also pleased to share that 174 YRP alumni have taken up scholarships to further their studies in science, engineering and medicine, and 59 former YRP students have joined IBN as research staff since 2003.

IBN will continue to dedicate ourselves to scientific excellence and we look forward to establishing new partnerships and to working more closely with our existing partners to fulfil our mission and bring our innovations to market.

Professor Jackie Y. Ying
Executive Director
Institute of Bioengineering and Nanotechnology
June 30, 2016



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